Motorcycle Directional Thrust Pusher Motor

Lets say you own a high-tech bend rocket Japanese Race Motorcycle and yes we all apperceive the statistics; 4.0 abnormal to sixty afar per hour; 165 afar per hour at redline in sixth accessory and we aswell apperceive it could go way faster if it had two added apparatus and we apperceive your next bike will. Okay I got all that already and hey, I am with you. Indeed abrasion a helmet.

What if we put a ballista adapter and an added alternation off your rear will and the accomplished accumulation absorbed to the aback beat arm? Next what if we set up some abundant wings that blew up like the NASA unmanned aeriform car project? Yes, that is what I am talking about, a motorcycle that could absolutely fly like a plane? Are you with me still?

Next lets braid some wire cable from the handlebars through the anatomy and assimilate the ballista accumulation so if you angry the handlebars the ballista would beacon you that direction. Meaning you would accept directional advance like a avant-garde day fighter jet in the US Military.

Does that complete like something you would like to ride? You would still accept wind resistance, but with no abrasion on the arena you could absolutely get some abundant TAS True Airspeed Going. So accede all this in 2006.